Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews™, the original chocolate taffy, marijuana infused edible, was first cooked in Colorado with a simple question, "why can't anyone make a consistently potent cannabis infused edible for patients in need?" Cheeba Chews have won 3 Cannabis Cup rewards, offer 11 different edible products, and are known as "America's Favorite Edible". They are also gluten & peanut free.

Cheeba Chew Pure CBD Chocolate Taffy – 50mg CBD : 2mg THC
Through careful experimentation we have discovered the ideal ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD) to THC for maximum medicinal effects with minimal psychoactivity, making it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, pain, anxiety and/or spasm relief without fatigue.

Cheeba Chew Caramel – 100mg - Indica or Sativa
The indica cannabis infused edible effect is most often described as a pleasant body buzz. Indica's are great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity. Indica's are also very effective for overall body pain relief, and often used in the treatment of insomnia. The enhanced flavored caramel chew (cannabis infused edible) comes in both Indica and Sativa.

Cheeba Chew Chocolate Taffy– 50mg THC : 20mg CBD

Green Hornet - 70 mg – Sativa or Indica
The Green Hornet™ Gummy cannabis infused edible comes in both Indica and Sativa. With 70mg of THC, this product is medical grade strength.