New York Times Endorses the End of the Marijuana "prohibition"


Article By New York Times - September 14, 2014

We're breaking major ground here folks! The New York Times, one of the most widely read and respected newspapers in the country, is endorsing the "end of the marijuana prohibition". They touch on many important facts, such as comparing the potential dependency and health risks between alcohol and cannabis. Major news sources are finally bringing the ill-informed masses into the light and spreading the knowledge this industry possesses. Stay informed; we're doing incredible work here in Colorado and throughout the country!

Canada's First Marijuana Vending Machine

"B.C. Pain Society Opens
Canada's First Marijuana Vending

Article by National Post — May 15, 2014

Just five weeks after Ottawa outlawed B.C.’s cottage industry of cannabis dispensaries, one of them has just opened Canada’s first marijuana vending machine.

The machine is operated by the B.C. Pain Society, a recently opened medical marijuana dispensary located a few blocks from the heart of Vancouver’s hip Commercial Drive district.

Mr. Varabioff’s creation, decorated in a pot leaf motif, contains a cross-section of popular pot strains, from Cotton Candy to Lemon Haze to MK Ultra.

For $20 the customer gets a “sealed, tamper-proof” bag containing an eighth of an ounce (enough for about half a dozen joints). And, as indicated in the video by Mr. Gill, half-ounce bags go for $50.

Two re-purposed gumball machines also offer smaller quantities of marijuana at $4 and $6 increments.

The machines, like the various marijuana products offered at the Society’s nearby retail counter, are only open to licensed medical marijuana users.

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A Third State Will Likely Legalize Marijuana This Summer

"On Aug. 19, Alaska voters will go to the polls to cast their primary ballots for statewide elections"

"On Aug. 19, Alaska voters will go to the polls to cast their primary ballots for statewide elections"

Article by PolicyMic –May 6, 2014

The news: On Aug. 19, Alaska voters will go to the polls to cast their primary ballots for statewide elections. And they'll also be voting on an initiative to make Alaska the third state to legalize the sale and taxation of recreational marijuana.

And it has a very good chance of doing just that, according to poll results commissioned by the Alaska State House of Representatives. Legalization leads prohibition by an 8% margin, with 52% for, 44% against and 4% undecided. Support is predictably strongest among Democrats and younger voters, but the initiative is opposed by Republicans and voters over the age of 45, who are more likely to actually get to the polls and vote.

The proposed legislation would lift prohibition of marijuana across the state and clear the way for full-scale commercialization. Persons under the age of 21 will be prohibited from possessing or using marijuana, while a tax of $50 an ounce will be imposed on all commercial transactions. The state doesn't yet have any projections on how much revenue the tax would generate, but in Colorado (admittedly a much larger state), about $1 billion in sales is projected over the next fiscal year. That's an estimated $134 million in state tax revenue — a big chunk of change.

Will this happen? "I just think marijuana's going to revolutionize things in Alaska as much as oil ever did. The prospect for jobs and new business start-ups is phenomenal. All Alaskans should be excited about it," disabled veteran and Alaska Hemp owner Bill Fikes told the Alaska Dispatch. With some "creative financing," he's anticipating a victory for legalization this year and is planning to start his own grow operation. Fikes thinks that by planning early, he can "try and at least get a little head start on the carpetbaggers" he envisions flocking to the state, like major corporations making millions in Colorado and Washington.

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Study Finds Marijuana Users Have Better Cognitive Skills

"A new study on college students has linked marijuana use with better performance on certain brain-related tasks"

"A new study on college students has linked marijuana use with better performance on certain brain-related tasks"

Article by Leaf Science –April 10, 2014

Despite popular belief, new findings from a team at the University of Minnesota suggest marijuana use at an early age may not be that detrimental to cognitive function.

“Marijuana users were high functioning, demonstrating comparable IQs to controls and relatively better processing speed,” note the researchers.

The study, published March 12 in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, found that college students who used marijuana scored better on tests of processing speed and verbal fluency.

The study compared the performance of 35 non-users with 35 daily marijuana users who began using marijuana before the age of 17.

Interestingly, the two groups showed no significant differences in tests of working memory and verbal learning. However, contrary to their better performance on other tests, marijuana users scored slightly lower on tests of motivated decision making, engagement and verbal memory.

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CU-Boulder professor pursues deepest-ever exploration of the cannabis genome

Genome Picture.jpg

Article by John Aguilar –February 8, 2014

It's called the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative and it's being led by 37-year-old Nolan Kane, an assistant professor with CU's department of ecology and evolutionary biology. The 18-month initiative, based largely if not entirely in Boulder County, should provide hemp farmers and marijuana growers worldwide with a genomic blueprint allowing them to breed high-value specimens far more efficiently than they can now.

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Industrial Hemp Legislation Passed in 20 States

By Clyde Gallagher – January 30, 2014

Just as consumers lined up on New Year’s Day to buy the country’s first legalized marijuana in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Agriculture adopted the state’s first industrial hemp rules.  Though cannabis sales are expected to bring in as much as $270 million a year, including $47 million in annual state and local taxes, a mature hemp industry is expected to bring in 10 times that.

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Obama nudges the ball forward on marijuana

Article by George Zornick – January 20, 2014

In an interview with the New Yorker magazine, President Obama made perhaps the strongest endorsement by any sitting president on relaxed marijuana laws. Pushed by interviewer David Remnick, Obama acknowledged that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol in its effect on consumers. He also noted the obvious racial and economic disparities in enforcement of marijuana laws.

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