Chroma iHit Disposable Pens - 250mg
When you are using the best oils and flavors, you can’t just use any disposable vape. iHit™ is the result of our relentless search for the best hardware to pair with our extracts. Only the iHit met our exacting quality standards. With a smooth, robust draw that highlights the flavor and potency of our Colors, iHit™ hits the spot whether you are at home or on the go.

Hummingbird Brand


Hummingbird CO2 oil is the cleanest form of concentrated cannabis oil available. To extract the cannabinoids from the flower, carbon dioxide is pushed through the plant matter at a high pressure isolating the THC, CBD, and CBN. The result is beautifully pure, transparent, amber oil.

Offered in the following:

Sativa, Hybrid, & Indica blends.
Strain specific Indica & Sativa
High CBD strains (Harmonia)