Landrace from Afghanistan mountains

Appearance: tight, well formed christmas tree shaped nugs
Effect: relaxing, sedative, euphoric with pain relieving qualities
Aroma: spice, lavender, musk
Taste: spiced fruit, hash, cloves

Alpha Blue

Blue Dream x NYCD

Appearance: Glistening, dense buds with red, blue, and purple hues
Effect: Cerebral, giggly, racy
Aroma: skittles, candy apples
Taste: fruity, sweet, robust


CC-23 x Hells OG

Appearance: Larger, medium density buds, faint pinkish, orange hairs over smaller but extremely resinous calyxes
Effect: Instant cerebral effects with a soft and relaxing comedown.
Aroma: Cherry like fruitiness with some subtle peppery/spicy notes
Taste: Cherry flavors overpower teasing hints of OG Kush.

Blue Dream

DJ Short's Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

Appearance: Dense, sugary, light-haired buds
Effect: dreamy, cerebral, calm, smiley
Aroma: overripe blueberries, sweet cream
Taste: pungent, blueberry pie, sticky

Chems Sis

Chemdawg Phenotype

Appearance: white buds, dark green leaves, dense
Effect: strong, cerebral, giggly, long lasting
Aroma: musk, chemicals, citrus
Taste: hash, lemon

Durban Poison

landrace South Africa

Appearance: large, light hairs, many small calyxes
Effect: intense, racy, light/sound sensitivity, heavy
Aroma: sweet licorice, twizzlers, candy
Taste: surprisingly hashy, light caramel

Golden Goat

Romulan x Hawaiian x Island Sweet Skunk

Appearance: Dense, Christmas tree shaped, thin hairs
Effect: stony, euphoric, appetite stimulating, good for daytime
Aroma: sweet and spicy sauce, leather
Taste: light dried fruit, spicy


Pure Kush x LA Confidential x Sweet Tooth x Juicy Fruit

Appearance: Medium sized, fluffy buds, chocolate tinge
Effect: functional, stomach ache, sinus, and pain relief, clear-headed, high CBD
Aroma: chocolate, juicy fruit, bananas
Taste: Earthy, chocolate, nutty



Afghani Hashplant x Northern Lights 1

Appearance: Bright, purple, gold, lime green buds, covered in frost
Effect: mildly energetic buzz, complete body relaxation, pain relief
Aroma: floral, potpourri, kush
Taste: light, hash

Hells OG

Clone only OG Kush S1

Appearance: Beautiful, pointy, calyxed buds, extreme resin content
Effect: soaring head high, psychedelic, sedating comedown, potent
Aroma: Pine-sol, rich dirt, lemon
Taste: lemon, pine, hash


Clone Only OG Kush S1

Appearance: Large calyxes, few leaves, very frosty, pointed buds
Effect: strong, immediate, psychedelic rush, heavy, sedative crash
Aroma: overpowering pine, lemon peel
Taste: citrus, musk, pine

Master Perm


Master Kush x Permafrost

Appearance: calyxed out, pale green buds
Effect: heavy, sedative, couch-lock, pain relief
Aroma: cream, fruit, kush
Taste: earthy, kush, dried fruit


Pure Kush x LA Confidential x Sweet Tooth x Juicy Fruit

Appearance: pale green/white, frosted buds, slight purple hue
Effect: couch-lock, great pain-relief, creative, euphoric, appetite stimulating
Aroma: chocolate, light dried fruit, kush
Taste: kush, chocolate, light lime