ABOUT Root MMC - Medical marijuana Boulder, Colorado


Our Green is Clean

There are absolutely no artificial pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides in our medical marijuana. Root draws from age-old gardening techniques, using natural fertilizers, light and good ol’ H2O to produce a beautiful indoor product.

Service with a Smile

Root's goal is to meet each patient with a warm heart, a big smile and a wealth of information about each strain and their applicable medicinal qualities. People come to Root because “It Feels Good”! 

Knowledge is King

The Root team is anything but amateur. They apply years of growing and industry experience to everything they do, including creating a unique formula/technique for growing. They openly share their vast knowledge with patients to help them find just the right medicine for their individual condition.

Salt of the Earth

The folks at Root are real and without pretense. They are approachable, kind and have a reputation for “sticking with you” with an unmatched ability to develop and maintain relationships. Their word is strong and they value honesty, accountability and integrity.

Visit Our Store

Our goal is to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for you to get fresh, high quality medical marijuana.


5420 Arapahoe Ave., Unit D
Boulder, CO  80303

(303) 443-0240     

11:00am - 6:45pm Monday - Sunday